Self-care is not selfish

There are a number of ways, and reasons, to take care of yourself! It is not an indulgence, splurge or selfish to engage in an act of self-care. These little breaks allow us to be our best, for us and for those around us. Has it been so long since your last act of self-care …

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Unprecedented Domestic Violence Study Affirms Need to Recognize Male Victims

Source: New York, NY (PRWEB) May 21, 2013 The most comprehensive review of the scholarly domestic violence research literature ever conducted concludes, among other things, that women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, as well as engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men. The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project, or PASK, whose…

Better communication applies to self talk, too

Here is one exercise to begin developing positive self-talk: Write down some of the negative messages inside your mind.  Be specific, whenever possible, and include anyone you remember who contributed to that message. Next, to those negative messages write down a positive truth in your life.  Don’t give up if you don’t find them quickly. …

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What is Dating Violence?

Consider the question: what is violence? Is it bloodshed, the art of drawing sanguine life from another? Perhaps it may be the act of simple aggression, or the application of force upon another. Does it involve danger, death, or otherwise? Violence is an idea pondered by many to be associated with negative actions, negative emotions, …

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Affordable Genetic Lab Testing

Genetic Testing is affordable and in your control. Here are some great resources.

St. Pete Pride 2019

Confetti streaming in all directions, whistles blowing in the ear. The triumphant roars of “Happy Pride” shake the foundations of the Dali Museum. The Pride March and Festival of St. Pete and Tampa Bay of June 22nd – 23rd proved a remarkable display of unity and solidarity. The festivities were held in spectacular fashion. Between …

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Coping with Divorce, During and After

In some cases divorce is the only option somebody has to choose to be happy –both ways. Either the spouses have fallen out of love or something occurred along the way during the married years that had caused such drawback, or the marriage was badly planned at the start.

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