Newness : A Provocative Look at Today’s Open Relationships

So I was watching Newness on Netflix, which is an interesting and provocative taken on open relationships in today’s society.   SPOILERS.     The plot centers around two people that find each other through a dating/ hook up app. Of course they have sex on the first night and quickly move in with one …

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6 Ways to Use YouTube to Improve Your Sex Life

In today’s society there are so many things we can do and learn without having to pay a dollar. We can find almost anything on the internet and this sometimes makes life so much easier for us. There are things we want to know and are embarrassed to ask and many of us, myself included, are grateful for the invention of the internet.

Triangle of Safety

Therapist Nicki discusses how to work with emotional containment and a scale of interventions ranging from external to internal, individual to asking for help from others.

Treatment Plan Thoughts

Every therapist has written a treatment plan, Therapist Nicki gives you her thoughts on the type of goal in treatment plans.


Therapist Nicki discusses how unhealthy triangulation is in relationships.

True Thoughts ep1

Discover the inner dialogue of a play therapist.

Let It Go

Therapist Nicki discusses why it is okay to let certain go.

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