Waxing Moon Self-Care Guide


My Self-Care Moon Guides are all about incorporating a witchy/magical spirituality into your self-care based on the phases of the moon.


If you’ve purchased the 2019 Self-Love Workbook Witch version, then you know how much I love to incorporate my spirituality into my self-care practices and vice versa. I’ve committed to focusing more on my spirituality this year and part of that means honoring and celebrating the cycle of the moon.

My Mini Moon Guides to Self-Care explore how to incorporate the energy of each moon phase into your practice. They’ll be released one at a time and right now the Waxing Moon guide is available!

may moon self-care

You’re getting two digital .pdf files! One is in full color and the other one is in black and white for easy printing. Both have digital fill-in enabled which means you can fill them out from your computer using Adobe Reader. The color version is 33 pages (with 6 blank journaling pages).

What’s Inside the Self-Care Moon Guides

-The Waxing Moon and what it represents
-Waxing Moon Self-Care (mundane ways to honor the moon energy)
-Waxing Moon Self-Care Worksheet (write down what kind of self-care you need in your life)
-Essential Oils and Crystals for the Waxing Moon
-Waxing Moon Magic (A small guide on waxing moon spellwork)
-Waxing Moon Tarot Spread
-12 Monthly Pages to set goals and explore your spirituality
-Waxing Moon Journaling Prompts
-6 Blank Journaling Pages

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Waxing Moon Self-Care Guide