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    How to Grow Weed Book Review

    The internet is full of so-called ‘grow guides’ that may teach you a thing or two about marijuana, but they don’t really go into the details and in-depth descriptions that one would need to have a successful marijuana harvest every time. More

  • Dispensary Technician Certification Program

    Duration: 1 Month Enrollment: Forever Format: 100% Online Audience: Retail Dispensary Overview Become a certified Dispensary Technician…and pave your way to success today. Dispensary Technicians (also known as a “Budtender”) work in both medical and recreational dispensaries and play a variety of roles for the customer. You must play the role of an educator; working […] More

  • It’s Been A Big Year for Cannabis: Half Year Update

    The 2018 Midterm election in the US brought sweeping changes to cannabis laws in several states – and the momentum certainly hasn’t slowed down since. Here’s a look at just some of the progress that’s been made toward cannabis legalization and access since the start of 2019: Social Use Space legislation for public cannabis consumption […] More