What is Psychosexual Therapy?

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What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Psychosexual therapy is a specific therapeutic treatment technique that is performed by professions with a history of counseling, nursing, and medicine. The treatment is made to help those with issues that are psychological and sexual and that require advanced help that simply cannot be resolved by a person alone.

What can Psychosexual Therapy Help with?

These types of therapists are able to look deeper into the mental health issues a person’s faces and to see what are the underlying reasons for how they feel. They are specifically trained to deal with all forms of sexual problems that need assistance. Sexual issues are varied in terms of what the specific problems are and how severe the issue is. Some of the issues may be seen as minor but they are often tied into more mental health related issues that are stress related and if there are sexual problems along with this, they will have most likely been going on for some time.

With those individuals who have dealt with a long term sexual illness by themselves, it is not easy for them to discuss the issues with their partners or even a therapist, as they are ashamed and abashed. Overall when these issues are restricted to only the person experiencing them, it can have a big impact on their relationships with other people, especially their partner and also has an effect on their well-being. Psychosexual therapy allows people to open up about their issues with someone who they can trust, such as a therapist who is willing to support and listen to them.

Issues that therapist deal with include:

  • Painful intercourse
  • Arousal problems
  • Reduced/lost sexual desire
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Difficulty with orgasms
  • Sexual problems following from past trauma
  • Separation within a relationship
  • Fear of sex
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor body image

How does it Work?

The general aim of psychosexual therapy is to explore and bring the root course to the surface of the sexual problem and to find a suitable treatment to appropriately help the client. The sessions do not involve any sexual activities, examinations or tests, all the therapist want to do is to simply listen to what you have to say. The therapist wants to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable and in no one feel ashamed or embarrassed about your reasons for being there. Psychosexual therapists are trained to talk about emotional relationship issues they will focus more on helping with the sexual issues by allowing you to open up about the sexual feelings you have.

The sessions involve a lot of talking and gathering thoughts to analyze and conclude as to what are the causes of problems. Past experiences and trauma will be bought up if necessary to get to the root causes as some issues are subconsciously affecting sexual behaviors.

When the root causes are established, the therapist will move onto a long-term treatment plan and will explain psychical problems that you may be experiencing but don’t feel comfortable talking about. They will give you exercises to try at home with your partner and will set goals for the future.