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Pelvic RX is an FDA-registered 8-weeks program. It will coach you through 10 minutes of pelvic strengthening exercises three times a week. It is designed and fully tested by combining decades of pelvic anatomy and muscle physiology research by world renowned pelvic floor therapists, urologists, and sex educators.
There are very few, if any physical therapists dedicated to helping men with urinary incontinence in most cities. The majority of physical therapists are very busy caring for women.

Well, here you go. Pelvic RX is all you need.

Week after week, the Pelvic RX programs are designed to make you stronger from the week before. You will feel it! They are your expert pelvic fitness trainers working on your both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, for stronger sphincter muscles.
These muscles are responsible for urinary and fecal control. In fact, weakness of these exact muscles is the reason men have leakage after prostate surgery for a period of time. Pelvic RX also strengthens your rigidity and erection muscles, for longer lasting and more satisfying erections. Please refer to the study at the end of this page. Pelvic RX program is recommended by urologists and prostate surgeons.
We strongly recommend prostate cancer patients planning to have prostate surgery, or recovering from surgery to take advantage of Pelvic RX program to regain urine control and pelvic floor strength. Watch the video to learn more.

Please read the following blogs written by celebrated author and urologist, Dr. Andrew Siegel to learn how Vibratory stimulation with Viberect and Pelvic floor therapy with Pelvic RX is helping thousands of men with ED and pelvic ailments to improve and restore their quality of life. Learn from the experts how younger men can naturally invigorate their pelvic nerves and muscles for decades of youthful sexual health.

Erection Recovery Program. by Dr. Andrew Siegel, MD. Urologist celebrated author.
Beyond Drugs & Pumps. New Approach to the Management of Erectile Dysfunction. By Andrew Siegel, MD. Urologist & Author.

Pelvic RX is the medical version of the Private Gym

The program will coach you to perform male Kegels very precisely to focus on both slow twitch and fast twitch fibers. If you are planning to have prostate surgery, get Pelvic RX® even before surgery to get into top shape!

Like a workout for the body, the Pelvic RX Male Pelvic Training Program can make men feel better and perform better. Designed to build a man’s pelvic floor muscles to enhance sexual and urinary performance, this FDA-registered interactive male pelvic floor muscle-building system comes with an easy-to-follow DVD and a weighted ring for resistance training. As with any good exercise program, the difficulty of the exercise increases progressively each week to help build muscles.

Combining the proven effectiveness of Kegel exercises with the use of resistance weights, the Pelvic RX Male Pelvic Training Program is a comprehensive program that can help improve a man’s performance in the bedroom and help prevent urinary incontinence at home or in public. Using this program just 10 minutes a day three days a week can dramatically increase pelvic muscle strength. In addition to the Kegel exercises, a weighted ring fits comfortably around the penis to enhance pelvic muscle growth.


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