Things To Know About Sex Therapy 

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Sex Therapy is not so different to other forms of counseling

There is nothing wrong with taking on sex therapy; it is helpful and useful to individuals and couples. There are some things we all need to know and be aware of when it comes to sex therapy.

When couples experience sex problems they don’t want to speak to people about it let alone a therapist, however, a sex therapist is there to do just that, talk. They want to get to the root of your problems and help you and your partner.

A lot of people believe different things as to what happens during sex therapy sessions. However, a lot of what is said is not entirely accurate. There is nothing weird, kinky or unprofessional going on behind the office door. It is simply a session of chatting between each other to reveal underlying issues and is in fact like other forms of counseling for other health problems people face.

The therapists are trained in psychological methods of treatment and rehabilitation for problems with sex and relationships between couples. Like other counseling, the therapist sets goals and plans for the couples to work on and aim towards.

Awareness of the psychological side of sex

A therapist explores the personal works of why the sexual problems are there, this meaning that they will ask emotionally charging questions to trigger responsive answers to conclude a reason behind the problems. A lot of problems are to do with performance anxiety, so when you’re in sessions, you will quickly learn and become aware of not only your psychology but have an awareness of why problems occur in the first place.

You may be given homework

The therapist may ask you to try out some exercises to expand your sexual experience and knowledge. They will provide you with the specific training designed to help you focus more on your partner during sex and build a stronger connection.
Goals and objectives will be to reach a particular time scale; the therapist can then talk to you again to gather what you have been doing with your partner to make changes.

Bring your partner with you

If you have your individual issues that are personal and need to be worked on, one to one sessions with the therapist can be useful, however if the problems are being experienced between both of you and you want to deal with it as a couple then bringing the partner along is defiantly a good idea to ensure you both are receiving the help you need to get back on track.

Clothes should be kept on

During sex therapy sessions you should, under no circumstances have to take your clothes off, neither you or your partner. This is not common practice and is unprofessional. If the therapist asks this, it is advised to leave a soon as possible as it certainly is not something that should occur in the office.

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