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    Cuddle Therapy Part 1

    What is it that you think of when you hear the term ‘cuddling’? Do you think of romantic excitement? Perhaps a warm feeling of security, safety, or contentment. It is probable that some would think of the term as strange, alien, or uncomfortable. But beyond that, what is cuddling? The act of cuddling, when examined […] More

  • How to Bright Futures

    Requirements to be Eligible – Must be a Citizen – You must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by 8/31 of the year of your graduation. – Must have a High School Diploma from an applicable private school or public school. – Must be accepted and enrolled in a qualified Florida university. You must be […] More

  • Oxytocin Spray

    Oxytocin Spray is a mysterious treatment surrounded in a superfluous maze of hopes and anxious inquisitiveness from researchers and clients alike. But whatever is this strange substance that has become one of the primary focuses for researchers of mental health and certain genetic disorders.? It still is surrounded by plenty of unknown questions, and countless […] More

  • Here comes the rain again

    Hurricanes are a certain massive storm phenomena, responsible for the widespread destruction of property, infrastructure, and the displacement of thousands of individuals throughout the land. It is truly a natural disaster that crushes the foundations high and low. But despite the horror stories of when hurricanes are at their worst, there are a number of […] More

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    Fetish Factory Events – Ft Lauderdale

    If you like latex and loud music, then this is the place you need to go. The Fetish Factory Store in Ft Lauderdale, FL hosts these events on a monthly basis at different venues around the Ft Lauderdale area. Unlike many fetish events where normally only about half the crowd dresses up for the event, […] More

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    St. Pete Pride 2019

    Confetti streaming in all directions, whistles blowing in the ear. The triumphant roars of “Happy Pride” shake the foundations of the Dali Museum. The Pride March and Festival of St. Pete and Tampa Bay of June 22nd – 23rd proved a remarkable display of unity and solidarity. The festivities were held in spectacular fashion. Between […] More

  • New Cannabis Industry Training Alert

    That’s right – we just released a shiny new training… And this one is a real game changer. It’s called Cannabis for Beauty and Skin Disorders and it’s a fill-in-the-blank guide for using hemp and cannabinoids for skin care… …AND you will learn the critical information about hemp seed oil, CBD, and more… Click HERE to claim your Cannabis for Beauty and Skin […] More

  • Kink in the News

    Medellin judge grants pension to polyamorous husbands A court in Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, has granted two husbands in a polyamorous relationship the split pension of their late partner, local media reported on Monday. Manuel Bermudez and Victor Rodriguez, the two surviving members of the relationship between four men, were initially denied pension rights […] More

  • Sexuality Research Updates

    Negotiating Sexuality Education with Young People: Ethical Pitfalls and Provocations Debbie Ollis, Leanne Coll & Lyn Harrison This paper focuses on a nested project within a three-year participatory research project, funded by the Australian Research Council. The project was undertaken in secondary schools across Victoria and South Australia and engaged over 100 students as coresearchers […] More

  • Coping with Divorce, During and After

    In some cases divorce is the only option somebody has to choose to be happy –both ways. Either the spouses have fallen out of love or something occurred along the way during the married years that had caused such drawback, or the marriage was badly planned at the start. Such reasons could happen to anyone, […] More

  • It’s Been A Big Year for Cannabis: Half Year Update

    The 2018 Midterm election in the US brought sweeping changes to cannabis laws in several states – and the momentum certainly hasn’t slowed down since. Here’s a look at just some of the progress that’s been made toward cannabis legalization and access since the start of 2019: Social Use Space legislation for public cannabis consumption […] More

  • 4 Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes for Cannabiseurs

    New to the CBD and Cannabis world? Do you have a gadget or trend fetish? Exploring the world of Medical Marijuana  can be expensive and complicated. I personally have found that using subscription boxes to test out new devices and trends is both fun and affordable. Cannabis and Smoke subscriptions deliver all the essentials like […] More

  • Welcome To The Sanctuary Center

    Oh hey, I’m Becky. I’m not conventional (who is?). I have 2 partners, 2 kids, and 6 chickens. Throughout my life I’ve performed normal for so long. I’ve put on the show; I’ve pretended that all I wanted was a house in the suburbs, to having matching pajamas in Christmas pictures, and to make my … Read more More

  • Political Read: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Cosmically defining the title of Social Justice Warrior: What’s inside ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ’s Astrological & Human Design charts that makes her such a game-changer in American politics?Astro: What’s my Story?HD: Why am I like this?
    :: Want to g… More

  • Dr. Harmony’s Just the Tip

    What Are the Odds of Finding Mr. Right Online? The odds of finding your ìsoul-mateî online are a lot better than you may think. It doesnít happen for everyone, of course, but it can happen for you. The world of internet or online dating has exploded over the last few years. As our lives become […] More

  • Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Do Not Exist!

    The sooner you realize this sad but true fact, the sooner you can get on with finding Mr. Close-Enough-To-Perfect. Prince Charming, riding on a white stallion, lost his way or found Princess Charming and got married on his way to your castle. Get over it and get on with it. You ARE going to have […] More

  • E32 – Understanding the evolution of gender language

    Listen to “E32 – Understanding the evolution of gender language” on Spreaker. Vern Phoenix is a person who grew up as a blue-collar conservative Christian in Alaska most of their life, holds no college degree, and still came out this flavor of trans and queer. He is unlike a lot of queer folks in Portland, who […] More

  • The Advantages of Online Dating for Women

    The Advantages of Online Dating for Women In the past, i.e. the 1990’s, online dating was a brand new idea. Unlike today, most people did not own PC’s or even have access to the internet. Times have changed. Online dating is not only IN the mainstream, it IS the mainstream. There are many reasons for […] More

  • Negative Emotions: Why no emotion is actually bad

    Negative Emotions: Why no emotion is actually bad is something the Mittles are very passionate about. Each one has a very important role to play to keep us healthy. It is not the emotion that is negative but how we deal with them can be. We need to accept all of our emotions and take […]

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  • Senate Bill 420

    S. 420 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for the taxation and regulation of marijuana products, and for other purposes. A BILL IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES February 7, 2019 Mr. Wyden introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance To amend the Internal […] More

  • Chronic Depression

    Chronic Depression When I was a teenager, I was told that I probably grew up depressed.  I have had reoccurring episodes of depression my entire life so I guess the term chronically depressed fits.  Most of time, I would say it doesn’t disrupt my life.  Everyone has natural ups and downs and as I have […] More

  • Brief History of The Gay Leather Community

    Originаllу the lеаthеr men соnѕiѕtеd of strictly gау mеn, аnd even stricter роѕitiоning (nо ѕwitсhing wаѕ аllоwеd) Lеѕbiаnѕ аnd hеtеrоѕеxuаlѕ were nоt аllоwеd. Gау mеn fоundеd the first gay motorcycle сlub, the Sаtуrѕ, in Los Angеlеѕ (1954). Bу the mid-ѕixtiеѕ, Sаn Frаnсiѕсо’ѕ Sоuth of Mаrkеt diѕtriсt had bесоmе a hоtbеd оf thе gау bikе сlub […] More

  • New Hotline for Abused Men in Ireland

    Europe continues to be the leader in Mental Health and Trauma awareness. From The Journal.ie : “A NATIONAL HELPLINE for men and boys who are victims of domestic abuse has been launched today by the Waterford group Men’s Development Network. The new advice line can be accessed on 1800 816 588 at the following times: Monday: 10am-6pm […] More

  • How Doorstops Changed The World

    Today when I came in, there was an Amazon package sitting on the counter. Inside was a brand-new door stop. I was thrilled- like squeaky high pitch squeal level, thrilled. Let me explain why this 3-dollar plastic wedge make me giddy. “Love is an open door” has been belted out in my house since Frozen … Read more More