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  • Relationship and Sex Contracts

    Why a Sex or Relationship Contract? An great conversation starter – many couples never express their sexual wants and needs, even though they truly want to. Just bringing up the topic can be daunting. Going through a Sex Contract together is a fun way to get started. It brings up the topics for you! Motivates you to explore – includes plenty of saucy ideas. Use the Negotiation Sheet …

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  • Cuddle Therapy Part 1

    What is it that you think of when you hear the term ‘cuddling’? Do you think of romantic excitement? Perhaps a warm feeling of security, safety, or contentment. It is probable that some would think of the term as strange, alien, or uncomfortable. But beyond that, what is cuddling? The act of cuddling, when examined […] More

  • Self Soothing Tip #1

    Weighted blankets have been used in the scientific health and occupational therapy space for over a decade. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals date back to 2008 from a wide range of researchers: neuroscience, bio-engineering, physiology, behavioral health and occupational therapy. The findings are very promising and speak to the efficacy of a weighted blanket. More