Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance


VPN is a widely trusted privacy solution that allegedly hides your IP address. However, most VPN does not hide your IP address as they are subject to VPN leaks and DNS leaks, both of which expose your IP address and allow your ISP and other to at least log the all the websites you visit. This defeats the whole purpose of using VPN. VPN also encrypts your data to hide your activities from your ISP. However, the vast majority of companies operating virtual private networks rely on third-party ISPs, and these ISPs may have no scruples about turning over a record of all your surfing activities to your government are law enforcement without due process. Especially if the third party ISP is located in any of the Fourteen Eyes nations of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain or Sweden.


You Are Under Electronic Surveillance

  • Your emails are being intercepted and stored in databases.
  • When your emails are not intercepted, most if not all American email provides, free and paid, may submit all your email’s contents to the powers that be without a court order. 
  • Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 may send your every keystroke to Microsoft and other entities. Some experts claim that when you disable data telemetry, this behavior continues anyway. 
  • Your phone conversations are likely recorded and stored in powers that be databases.
  • Your location is being tracked 24/7 by monitoring of your smartphone’s location. 
  • The proximity of your cell phone to other phones and devices is recorded and analyzed to determine whom your friends, family, associates and sex partners are.

Review Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance.

Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance