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Over 200 pages of everything I could possibly imagine to write about when it comes to how to be a successful blogger while loving what you do! This is mainly for bloggers who are taking a heart-centered approach of helping other people.


Do you want to learn every bit of business and blogging knowledge in my head?

Discover Success

This course was specifically created to show you how to make money by creating your own products that aren’t business related. If you have a website that’s devoted to yoga, essential oils, self-care, mental-health, the metaphysical, parenting, or anything else that’s not biz-related this is for you.

Six Years of Experience

I’ve been blogging for six years now and I want to share with you all of the things I know. How to manage your time while blogging and working a full-time job? Succeed without affiliate marketing? How I get 40,000 page views a month and make thousands of dollars without making your blog business-centric? I’m your girl!

Newbie or Experienced Blogger?

This e-book covers everything from starting a blog to how to stay engaged when you’ve been doing it for years. Each section has assignments for bloggers based on your level of experience. No matter where you’re at in your blogging journey, this book will be a wealth of knowledge and information.

Blog and Biz Magic will increase your traffic, get more sales, and create a blog you’re in love with!


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Blog + Biz Magic Printables