2020 Digital Self Care Planner Witchy Edition


The 2020 Self-Care Planner (Witchy version) has everything the original Self-Care Planner has but with a witchy spin! You can also purchase a physical, spiral-bound, version! Get your witch on! The Witch Version has extra witch-inspired self-care tips, and inspiration to get your magic flowing. It’s time to focus on your spirituality by making it part of your everyday. 179 pages.


The Witch add-on is all about spirituality and paying attention to your spiritual path. These worksheets will help you keep track of the moon cycles and the turning of the seasons. Review your spiritual practice and make plans for the future. There’s a spot for spellwork, tarot/oracle readings, full moon plans, and spiritual goals! This .pdf is 43 pages.

What’s included in the PDF:
-Magic + Self-Love
-Witchy Self-Care Tips
-Spiritual Struggles
-Mood Magic
-Wheel of the Year
-Monthly Spellwork
-12 Jan-Dec Magical Check-in and 12  Monthly Review pages


Review 2020 Digital Self Care Planner Witchy Edition.

2020 Digital Self Care Planner Witchy Edition