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  • Health Care Connection of Tampa

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Karen McGinnis, the Admissions Coordinator at the JCAHO accredited facility: Health Care Connection of Tampa.  HCC is located in the Forrest Hills neighborhood just a few minutes drive north of downtown Tampa. It’s a somewhat smaller sized facility, with off site residences for inpatients known as “The […] More

  • Dr. Harmony Notes

    Online dating can be a fun and certainly a rewarding experience for anyone who desires to meet people outside of their immediate human network. Maintaining your safety while doing it is simply a combination of using common sense and exercising good judgment. Over the last decade, social media, in all of its forms, has become […] More

  • Hot

    Polyamory, Pride Flags, and Patterns of Feedback

    Warning: For those of you who come here looking for technical advice and inside information about the Selenium project, WebDriver, or browser automation, this post isn’t about any of those. You might just want to skip this one altogether. One thing about me I’m not really sure how many people are aware of is that I’m polyamorous. […] More

  • Do Topical CBD Products Work?

    Your Body’s CB1 & CB2 Receptors Cannabis topicals are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Tens of millions of people are afflicted with chronic pain, and many are seeking safe, non-addictive solutions to ease their suffering.Beyond that, research suggests cannabis topicals could provide relief for sufferers of ailments ranging from sports injuries and migraines to skin […] More

  • Executive Leadership, and Business Coaching and Development

    Executive Leadership Coaching is a process that involves trained professionals whose function is that of encouragement, guidance, and support. They can be a muse and an acute observer to help an individual master their leadership or management performance and development. This process builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. Business coaching is a […] More

  • The Healing Unicorn

    I am a sand tray play therapist and a little, so, miniatures are an important part of expression to me. I did not realize when I bought these two figures why I was drawn to them. Yes, they are cute and adorable figurines, but they are so much more. When you look closer at the […] More

  • Dr. Harmony’s Just the Tip Sex Facts

    FURRY FANDOM Thе wоrd furry саn rеfеr tо a person, i.е. аn аnthrороmоrрhiс аnimаl, a zооmоrрhiс human, оr which iѕ аn аmаlgаmаtiоn of humаn and animal fеаturеѕ, аnd ѕuсh people are саllеd “furѕ.” Furry fаndоm iѕ a соmmunitу bаѕеd оn thе еnjоуmеnt оf half-animal, half-human аrtwоrk and рhilоѕорhiеѕ. The fаndоm for thiѕ genre wаѕ firѕt […] More

  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments

    View this post on Instagram Tip for Self care Saturdays: Celebrate your accomplishments and find joy in others' accomplishments. A post shared by Therapist Nicki (@therapistnicki) on Aug 12, 2017 at 12:38pm PDT Celebrate who you are as an individual. Do not minimize your accomplishments. If what you did today is amazing for you then […] More

  • Books in Sexuality: Thriving in Sex Work

    A self-help book written for sex workers of all genders and job titles. Lola Davina, former stripper, dominatrix, porn actress, and escort, draws on her more than 25 years in and around the sex industry to provide concrete, heartfelt advice for facing the unique emotional challenges of the sex industry. They say sex work is […] More

  • Family Law Tips

    If you’ve never been through the family law process before, it can be extremely scary, especially when armed only with limited knowledge from stories told by friends and from the culture. Every state has a different set of laws, and every judge has a different concept on how best to address separating family units. Here […] More

  • Transgender Resources

    Transgender Resource Center This is a list of our highly recommended Transgender Medical, Health, and Wellness Professionals. Cosmetic Procedures      Hormone Therapy     Gender Validation Surgery Centers        Community Support         More

  • Ear Seeds and ADD/ADHD

    Hey, I was just asked about using ear seeds with children and what kind of results you can achieve with kids, which reminded me of this story… A mother of an eight year old girl contacted us to let us know that her daughter, who is normally very hyper, unable to focus & unable to […] More

  • Eggs for Empowerment

    Words cannot express my excitement about our current fundraiser.  It’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart, so I thought I’d share. In my previous life I was a high school journalism teacher.  I ran the school’s yearbook and newspaper as well as taught an introductory class. Part of my curriculum was teaching […] More

  • Trauma and Health: The Body Keeps Score

    Understand the connection between Trauma and your health. Bessel Van der Kolk M.D. is the author of “The Body Keeps the Score.” In this book Bessel examines the ways that trauma can affect people and how they can recover from past dramatic events. When a person experiences trauma it will change the wiring in their brain […] More

  • Career Planning & Transition

    Career and business transitions can be overwhelming. We can help guide you through this challenging time with support and confidence. We will assess your behavioral style through assessment and analysis which offers an objective look at how and why you work the way you do, then learn how to leverage your strengths in work and […] More

  • Holistic Psychotherapy

    The treatment of emotional and psychological pain that manifests itself in the form of anxiety, depression, physical pain, and other physiological disorders. It is an approach that specifically focuses on the use of traditional psychotherapy combined with alternative medicine and treatment modalities such as acupuncture, massage, herbology, and nutritional counseling in order to achieve harmony […] More

  • From Green CulturEd

    Does CBD Oil Help With Hangovers? We’ve all heard about some of the miraculous ways that Cannabidiol (or CBD) oil can help in the medical field. The cannabinoid has famously been linked to the alleviation of seizures and more recently has been associated with reducing anxiety and pain in patients. CBD has some pretty amazing attributes… especially when […] More

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