How to Bright Futures


Requirements to be Eligible

Must be a Citizen

– You must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by 8/31 of the year of your graduation.

– Must have a High School Diploma from an applicable private school or public school.

– Must be accepted and enrolled in a qualified Florida university. You must be enrolled for at least 6 hours each term this way (non-remedial). Requirements for Full-Ride (Florida Academics Scholars Award)

– 3.50 weighted GPA minimum

– 29 minimum ACT score or 1290 minimum SAT score. – At least 100 hours of documented service hours, recognized by your High School Guidance counselor (meet with them for documentation and information on this).

Here’s a Simplified Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Submit your FFAA by 8/31 of the year, of your graduation.

2. Make an account on the Bright Futures website.

3. Take the ACT, SAT, or both, and submit your scores. Your highest one will be counted. Usually your school, if public, will provide a free exam for Juniors. An subsequent exams will incur about $50 as a price.

4. Submit your Transcripts. But good news! 9/10 your Guidance Counselor will do this for you soon as you qualify with your service hours. But, for your sanity, you should check with the counselor if they do this, and frequently talk with them about the requirements or opportunities for volunteering (Pro Tip: Certain teachers will mark you down for a large sum of hours for small, but important activities. One such event I participated in for this was the Riverwalk Make a Wish March).

5. Alright, make your account on the Bright Futures Website. Keep it super up to date (I’m talking the night of any changes) to your demographics, enrollment status, or other. You will be notified on the website and over email of your eligibility, as well as any confirmation that you have successfully been awarded the scholarship.

6. Don’t let stress take over. Stay organized, record things, and stay in the loop. Don’t leave things up to chance. As long as you stay dedicated and focused, then you are just about one huge leap towards college. If you have any other questions, the website can guide you through the process in much finer detail. Another way of finding information, or seeing if you qualify, is by calling 1-888-827-2004.

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