Clinical Sexology and Sex Therapy

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When in need of help and guidance about your sexuality, clinical sexologists offer and provide sex counseling to assist with those who with sexual difficulties. They aim to help people comprehend and accept their selves as sexual beings and help them to move forward to meet their sexual goals. Sexologists have a positive attitude and open minded outlook to enable them to really understand their patient’s issues.

sexThey are sex positive and sustain a broad perceptive by considering many factors including psychology, biological, sociological, anthropological and historical information into account.

Their approach is professional and educational that helps them to understand the patient and meet their personal goals. They are non-judgemental and hold no assumptions or preconceptions about the client and what their sexuality should be initiated. They listen to what the client has to say and guide them to the right pay.

There are many things that the sexologist picks up on during therapy; whether it be one person or a couple they address the issues to them in a clear way.

Here is a list of the general concerns that a Sexologist bears in mind:

– Seeking sexual activity after surgery, health issues, long term health barriers, and limited mobility

– Continuing intimacy and sexual activities during pregnancy and after (parenthood)

– Feeling confused about sex

– Feeling weird/abnormal in regards to sexual behavior, fantasy, capability and physical appearance

– Feeling inexperienced with sex

– Feeling ashamed of sexuality and sexual desire one has

– Negativity revolved around one’s body

– Unhealthy desires between partners

– Confusion with sexual orientation (gay, bi, straight)

– Sexual relationship structure: polyamorous, monogamous, polysexual, open etc

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