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  • Anxiety? Serenagen may help Serenagen is a classic herbal stress management formula used in traditional Chinese medicine to nourish and quiet the heart.*   Benefits: Designed for individuals who have feelings of anxiety and have difficulty resting due to stress* Formulated for individuals who may have feelings of being overheated and flushed when stressed* Features traditionally used […] More

  • Feeling Sad? Blisphora can help

    Blisphora is a revolutionary, proprietary formula featuring clinically effective levels of SAMe, a compound that is a critical component of many biochemical reactions and plays an important role in supporting positive emotions. This powerful formula combines significant levels of body-ready folate and easy-to-absorb vitamin B12 to support healthy SAMe metabolism, methylation, and neurotransmitter synthesis for […] More

  • Sluggish Thyroid? Thyrosol may help

    Thyrosol is a multi-faceted formula featuring targeted nutrients that promote healthy thyroid function. Many aspects of health are impacted by thyroid hormone activity.* Benefits: Supports the healthy synthesis of thyroid hormones* Supports the steps in hormone metabolism negatively affected by stress* Supports the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to the more bioactive triiodothyronine (T3)* May enhance […] More