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  • E57: Dealing with Holiday Madness

    Tonight we talk with Kathy Slaughter about how to deal with the holiday madness. Simple techniques on how to handle the holiday season with love ones, friends, and more. Life-long student Kathy Slaughter currently pursues the craft of psychotherapy where she specializes in human sexuality, relationships and trauma at her private practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. […] More

  • E56: Face Of A Feminist

    Feminist is not a bad word. Face of a Feminist empowers women and girls through a video series and other motivational events. Non-profit 501(c)(3) charity was created by Orlando Radio Celebrity personality Laura Diaz. Laura Diaz Bio * I’m a strong woman who’s not afraid to speak up and speak out * I have a passion […] More

  • E55: Branding A Global Luxury Pleasure Products

    Robin Stewart is the Brand Manager of JOPEN, a global luxury pleasure product company with a business model focused on form and function. Her diverse background began in 1999 and includes international sales, marketing, instructional education, and personalized brand management in the luxury hair care and magazine publishing industries. Passionate about customer service, Robin loves […] More

  • E54 – From Princess to Queen

    Dr, Martha Tara Lee comes back to the show to talk about her latest book “From Princess to Queen” The book is a journey of her own sexual education experience and how she can use it to help others. With her “36 Things I wished I learned in Sex Ed” list. To talking about the […] More

  • Marriage Minute: The power of empathy

    Empathy is the capacity to identify and share someone else’s emotions and experiences. As Brené Brown explains in the clip above, “empathy is feeling with people.”  It’s the key to emotional attunement with your partner and it’s essential to the Emotion Coaching style of parenting. To have empathy is to really understand somebody, what they want, what […] More

  • Relaxation Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried (Yet)…

    Relaxation techniques are powerful for all sorts of conditions and concerns. Mind/body focused psychotherapist Alena Gerst, LCSW, RYT, uses them to treat symptoms caused by chronic illness, pain, anxiety and depression. Dezryelle Arcieri, LMFT, a psychotherapist and yoga instructor, uses these techniques to help her clients gain acceptance and create space for their experience. (She […] More

  • Why Positive Behavioral Change Is a Better Goal Than Weight Loss

    Eat right, exercise, see your doctor regularly, brush your teeth, and go to therapy. These are all common directives we receive when it comes to maintaining our health. Sadly, a factor that has started to overshadow these larger health discussions is one physical metric: weight. Weight has become the litmus test for all subsequent problems […] More

  • TAO Connect: What if a Computer Could Help You…

    Computer-mediated training and psychotherapy — that is, a computer program (whether an app, a website, or a piece of software) helping you learn something new, especially with regards to your thoughts, behaviors, and habits — has been with us a long time. One of the pioneers in this space has been Australia’s MoodGYM, first launched […] More

  • Marriage Minute: Every positive thing you do is foreplay

    Books on relationships rarely talk about sex. Books on sex rarely talk about relationships. You’d never know the two were intimately connected from strolling the aisles of your local bookstore. When sex becomes about technique rather than communication, the result is sexual anxiety. It becomes difficult to talk about. Instead of isolating sex from the […] More

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Parents of Autistic Children

    Parents of autistic children often participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to address emotional and behavioral concerns in their children. According to a study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, parents who attended CBT with their children experienced improvements in their own mental health. In the standard model of therapy for autistic […] More

  • Full or Fulfilled? Another Way of Looking at Eating…

    A young woman shared a brilliant insight into what she perceives as a long term eating disorder. She said, “I think I eat until I am so full that I want to burst, because I don’t feel fulfilled in my life.” She is talented, caring, devoted to family and friends, intelligent, creative and loving… to […] More

  • The Role Sex Plays in a D/s Relationship

    from the 2/4/17 newsletter When I was first learning about sex as a teenager there were a few key bits of information that the adults around me wanted to drive home. Sex was done in a loving relationship; remember “when two people love each other very, very much…”, as adults and only if you wanted […] More

  • What Does It Really Mean to Be Needy?

    We hear the word “needy” thrown around in conversation all the time. Usually it’s brought up with contempt. Ughhh, she’s so needy. She calls all the time, and wants to know where I am. It’s ridiculous. His neediness is just too much. He wants to spend every single moment together. The details of the conversations […] More

  • How to Overcome Rejection Like a Champ

    None of us are immune to rejection. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, and whether it’s ending a marriage or breaking up with a partner. Even the strongest of us can’t help but feel like we did something wrong when the person we loved and cared about and spent our lives with as […] More

  • How to Stop Making Problems for Yourself

    “You make problem, you have problem.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn When it comes to problems, we all have them. Many problems, however, are self-imposed. Startling thought? It’s meant to be. If you want to narrow the list of problems you have, start with a firm decision to stop making problems in the first place. Already, the […] More