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Endefen® is uniquely designed to nutritionally support the healthy function of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This exceptional formula addresses multiple factors that contribute to GI health.*

• Supports the integrity of the gastric lining by promoting the growth of gastric mucosal cells.*

• Lecithin and astaxanthin have demonstrated protective effects on the gastric environment.*

• Green tea and arabinogalactans may help promote the growth of healthy intestinalmicroflora .*

• Arabinogalactans may help promote the production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids, an important fuel for intestinal cells.*

• Plantain has been shown in a lab setting to support the integrity of the gastric lining.*

• Targeted antioxidants help protect the gastric mucosa.*

• Key nutrients help to support GI immune function.*

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Dr. Harmony is one of the country’s leading Clinical Sexologists. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Sex Positive Therapy, Traumatology, and Holistic Psychotherapy. Through her own personal experiences and her unique insights, she has forged an extraordinarily successful methodology designed to give you direction and keep you focused on your goals. Let Dr. Harmony teach you how to face trauma and transform it into triumph.

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