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    Alternatives to Addiction Treatment

    If Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) isn’t working for you in your efforts to overcome substance abuse/addiction, SMART Recovery could be a worthwhile alternative. Read More             More

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    Dr. Harmony in Your Pocket

    Our new Harmony App makes getting all 5 Elements for your Mental Health easy. Take a look at what you can do with our Harmony App.       For Harmony Clients and Alumni    Contact us directly via text, call or email with a touch of button Direct Access to Our Website The Harmony […] More

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    Pagans Finding Recovery Support

    Therapist Nicki gives a lecture on Pagans finding recovery support and a Pagan friendly therapist at the Mystic South Conference in Atlanta. The outline of the lecture starts with discussing addiction and spirituality flowing into issues Pagans encounter in the recovery and where they can turn to for help. At the end there is a […] More

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    The Silent Man

      There is a cultural perception that men do not get abused and are the abusers in domestic violence relationships. In my perspective of domestic violence, it is important that I note that my definition of domestic violence will include physical, sexual, verbal, financial, and emotional abuse. I also need to note that in this chapter I am strictly discussing […] More

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