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    Kinkphobia: Attorney explains the “extra curricular activity” of kink

    David Hoffman is an attorney who wasn’t a part of the kink community before KTCI training. He became kink aware to better service his clients. In this clip from the upcoming documentary “Kinkphobia”, he explains how education can help overcome the stigma many people face from lawyers and health care providers. The documentary, to be […] More

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    What to do to feel lonley

      What to Do When You Feel Lonely By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. Associate Editor ~ 3 min read You feel so lonely. You are home on a Friday night without any plans. Or you’re sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends, and yet you still feel lonely. Or you’re sitting on the subway, on […] More

  • Career Planning & Transition

    Career and business transitions can be overwhelming. We can help guide you through this challenging time with support and confidence. We will assess your behavioral style through assessment and analysis which offers an objective look at how and why you work the way you do, then learn how to leverage your strengths in work and […] More

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